Song Title Index for Echoes Of Triumph Book #5. They are listed in numerical order as they are found in the bookEchoes Of Triumph Book #5

Hymn Text and Music by Elizabeth Drudge

© Copyright 2007 by Elizabeth Drudge

In this collection, songs #2 – 18 are in memory of the Nickel Mines School tragedy, Oct. 2, 2006

1. His Mercy Endureth Forever

2. There's A Light At The End Of The Tunnel (for mixed voices)

3. There's A Light At The End Of The Tunnel (for male voices)

4. God Was There All The Time

5. Though Tidings Come

6. I Left The Answer Up To God (for mixed voices)

7. I Left The Answer Up To God (for male voices)

8. God Will Triumph In The End

9. Lord Help Me Forget

10. Lord From The Ashes Of My Heart

11. Let's Count The Sheep

12. The Lord Was A Gentle Shepherd

13. The First Thing Christ Will Do

14. The Tears Of The Angel

15. Forgiveness Sent A Light

16. When The Little Books Are Opened

17. There's Always A Rainbow

18. When Love And Hatred Meet

19. Now I'm Camping In Canaan's Fair Land (in memory of Nolan Blosser)

20. My Parents Dear (in memory of Kristi Hostetler)

21. One By One (in memory of Randall Hostetler)

22. Let's Count The Stones

23. I Have Two Fathers Up In Heaven

24. Bring Your Alabaster Box

25. I Am An Instrument (with descant)

26. Come To The Mountain

27. The Haughtiness Of Men

28. Set A Watch O Lord

29. Judgment Day Honesty

30. He Made Us One

31. All The Gold Of This World

32. The Song Of The Thunder Storm

33. I Will Love Thee O Lord

34. I'll Drive In A Stake

35.What Time I Am Afraid (a four part round)

36. Can I Survey The Love Of God?

37. Ever I'm Watching (for male voices)

38. The Celebration Over There

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