Song Title Index for Echoes Of Triumph Book #4. They are listed in numerical order as they are found in the bookEchoes Of Triumph Book #4

Hymn Text by Elizabeth Drudge and Lena Martin

Music by Elizabeth Drudge

© Copyright 1999 by Elizabeth Drudge

1. Let Us Exalt The Lord Our King

2. Hail The Morning Rays

3. Sing When The Morning Gilds The Sky

4. We're So Grateful For Our Family Ties

5. How Great Is Thy Mercy (with descant)

6. Fact Faith And Feeling (a four-part round)

7. The Wedding On High (a wedding song)

8. Heavenly Father At This Altar (a wedding song for male voices)

9. Roses Shed Their Sweetest Fragrance (for male voices)

10. Roses Shed Their Sweetest Fragrance (for mixed voices)

11. O Prepare Thee, O My Soul (for male voices)

12. A Song Of Farewell For The Old Family Farm

13. We'll Be Changed! In A Moment! (in memory of Amos Baker)

14. Rejoice And Shout For Joy (a four-part round)

15.There Are Precious Flowers Blooming (in memory of Margaret Martin)

16. A Shaft Of Golden Sunlight (in memory of Marvin Kropf)

17. I Can See Beyond The Sunset (in memory of Paul Lichty)

18. Don't Weep For Me (in memory of Merlin Martin)

19. Jesus Understands Every Lonely Heart

20. The Day Of The Lord Will Come

21. We Stand On Holy Ground

22. Show Me Thy Hands

23. Shepherd, Shepherd Feed The Flock

24. The Armour Of God

25. Will The Bride Feel The Tug?

26. The Bells Of Salvation (with descant)

27. I Have Prayed Many Prayers

29. Dear Child I'm Needing Someone

30. I Am Ready Lord

31. Oh! The Wonder Of The Blood

32. Longing For The Morning

33. Behold God Is My Salvation

34. Altars

35. For Thou Art The Same

36. Softly The Shades Of Evening

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