Song Title Index for Echoes Of Triumph Book #3. They are listed in numerical order as they are found in the bookEchoes Of Triumph Book #3

Hymn text by Elizabeth Drudge and Lena Martin

Music by Elizabeth Drudge

© Copyright 1992 by Elizabeth Drudge

1. River Of Jordan

2. Is This The Right Road Home?

3. Behold The Suffering Saviour

4. Shepherd Of Love (for male voices)

5. May I Lean A Bit Harder? (in memory of James Weber)

6. I Beseech You Therefore Brethren (a four - part round)

7. There's A Place For Broken Spirits (in memory of Carolyn Shantz)

8. Just In Time (in memory of Murrel Bauman)

9. Today Jesus Lives (an Easter song)

10. Sunshine In The Valley

11. Be Very Strong My Precious Child

12. Secure In His Infinite Love

13. Jesus has The Key

14. Fellow Pilgrims We Are Climbing

15. Let Me Go And See The Angels

16. Before The Foundation

17. Light Up The Corner

18. The Harvest Is Great

19. Redeemed By The Blood Of My Crucified Lord (with descant)

20. Songs In The Night

21. In The Splendor Of The Sunrise (an Easter song)

22. But For A Season

23. Jonah Went Down

24. Rolled Away My Heavy Burden

25. I Will Behave Wisely (a four-part round)

26. Paul And Silas

27. Star Of The Morning (a Christmas song)

28. Happy Birthday

29. Holy Spirit Search My Heart

30. In The Many Pressing Duties

31. A Touch Of The Glory

32. O Lord Of Love (a wedding song)

33. Hand In Hand A Son And Father (in memory of Murrel and Trevor Bauman)

34. Would We Truly Long For Heaven? (in memory of James Brubacher)

35. O Lord God Of Israel (a six page anthem)

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