Song Title Index for Echoes Of Triumph Book #2. They are listed in numerical order as they are found in the book.Echoes Of Triumph Book #2.

Hymn Text by Lena Martin and Elizabeth Drudge

Music by Elizabeth Drudge

© Copyright 1982 by Elizabeth Drudge

1. The Tree Of Calvary

2. The Wheel Of The Mill

3. Kneel And Pray

4. How I Long To Be There

5. Don't Hang Your Harp On The Willow Tree

6. Christ's Intercessory Prayer (John 17)

7. Someone Needs Your Smile

8. The End Of The Road (In memory of Elmer Martin)

9. Almighty God

10. Out Of This World

11. Unto Us A Child Is Born (A Christmas song)

12. Loved Ones

13. Alleluia (Rev. 19 : 1, 6)

14. Be Still And Wait

15. The God That Answers By Fire (Elijah on Mount Carmel)

16. Follow Peace And Holiness

17. Somewhere The Sun Is Shining

18. When The Tide Is Out

19. Come Holy Fire

20. Shattered Hopes

21. Hand In Hand (an anniversary song)

22. Consider The Lilies (a three-part round)

23. Keep Me Not For I Am Going (in memory of Bishop A. Smith)

24. Walk In The Spirit (Romans 8: 1, 2, 6, 14 )

25. This Matters Most In Life

26. The Wages Of Sin

27. Believe For The Valley

28. The Beauty Around Us

29. Mother

30. Give Me a Vision

31. Passing Through The Waters

32. I Just Tell It All To Jesus

33. Ah Life (minor)

34. Gloryland Flight

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