Song Title Index for Echoes Of Triumph Book #1.They are listed in numerical order as they are found in the book Echoes Of Triumph Book #1

Hymn Text by Lena Martin

Music by Elizabeth Drudge

© Copyright 1980 by Elizabeth Drudge

1. Echoes Of Triumph

2. Soon The Lord Will Come

3. Marching In The Name Of Jesus

4. Redeemed By The Blood

5. Deeper Than The Sin Stains

6. Resting In The Sweetness Of The Lord

7. Immersed In Heaven's Love

8. Even So Come, Lord Jesus

9. Only One Step

10. River Of Life

11. Hallelujah! Praise The Lord

12. Anchored

13. Canaan Land

14. Surely He Hath Borne Our Grief

15. Broken And Bleeding

16. Our Heavenward Flight

17. Christ The Rock

18. Jesus Understands

19. My Life Is Filled With Mysteries

20. Paradise Of Patience

21. For God So Loved The World ( 3 part round )

22. It's A Long Way Back

23. All Is Thine

24. Home Blessed Home

25. In The Upper Room

26. The Garden Of Memories

27. Great Peace

28. Alone Upon The Bush Trail

29. He Touched My Heart

30. The Pillow Of The Sea

31. Coming To Worship

32. God Loves You Still

33. Parting Tears

34. Someday We'll Meet

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