Gospel Music Hall Recorded Singing

Echoes Of Triumph Songs are also used and recorded by the Gospel Music Hall on their phone line.

Dial 1-641-715-3285 then add 25090# followed by any of the following numbers;(Long Distance Charges Will Apply!)

(Or dial 712-432-0061 access code 81515#)

(these 8 songs are all from Echoes Of Triumph #4)

121 A Shaft Of Golden Sunlight

122 A Song Of Farewell

We'll Be Changed In A Moment (in memory of my father Amos Baker)

123 Don't Weep For Me

The Day Of The Lord

124 Heavenly Father At This Altar

Roses Shed Their Sweetest Fragrance

125 How Great Is Thy Mercy

126 The Wedding On High

127 We're So Grateful For Our Family Ties

128 There Are Precious Flowers Blooming (in memory of Margaret Martin, age 16)

A Shaft Of Golden Sunlight (in memory of Marvin Kropf, age 16)

129 continuous 121 through 128 (I do not know why “A Shaft of Golden Sunlight” is on twice)

The following songs are all from “Echoes Of Triumph #2”

151 The Tree Of Calvary ; The Wheel Of The Mill

152 Kneel And Pray; How I Long To Be There

153 Don't Hang Your Harp On The Willow Tree; Christ's Intercessory Prayer

154 Someone Needs Your Smile; The End Of The Road

155 Almighty God; Out Of This World

156 Unto Us A Child Is Born

157 Be Still And Wait

158 Alleluia

159 Continuous 151 through 158

161 The God That Answers By Fire; Follow Peace And Holiness; Somewhere The Sun Is Shining

162 When The Tide Is Out; Come Holy Fire; Shattered Hopes

163 Hand In Hand; Consider The Lilies; Keep Me Not For I Am Going

164 Walk In The Spirit; This Matters Most In Life; The Wages Of Sin

165 Believe For The Valley; The Beauty Around Us

166 Mother; Give Me A Vision

167 Passing Through The Waters; I Just Tell It All To Jesus

168 Ah Life; The Glory Land Flight

169 Continuous 161 through 168


2 to go back 30 seconds

3 to go forward 30 seconds

8 for pause and 8 again to go

If while listening, you want to move on to another song, press 0, then the number of your choice.