Echoes Of Triumph Gospel Hymn Centre call in phone service

To listen to the John Drudge Family phone line, called “Echoes Of Triumph Gospel Hymn Centre” dial 1-641-715-3800 then add 60959 plus # key. (Long Distance Charges Will Apply!)

After Jeffrey's “Welcome”, add whatever number you wish to hear. To hear another song, add the new number. We are just starting the line and have songs at the following numbers. We will be adding more songs as we have time, so keep checking for new songs to be added.

7 Is This The Right Road Home? (Echoes Of Triumph #3)

8 May I Lean A Bit Harder? (Book #3)

9 Would We Truly Long For Heaven? (Book #3)

11 Lord Help Me Forget (Book #5)

12 Though Tidings Come (Book #5)

51 Let Us Exalt The Lord Our King ( the next 8 are all from Book #4)

52 Hail The Morning Rays

53 Sing When The Morning Gilds The Sky

54 We're So grateful For Our Family Ties

55 How Great Is Thy Mercy

56 The Wedding On High

57 Heavenly Father At This Altar

58 Roses Shed Their Sweetest Fragrance

59 you can hear all 8 at once

Directions for use of telephone keypad

The key pad can be used in this way;

1 - back 3 seconds

2 - start from the beginning

3 - forward 3 seconds

4 - back 15 seconds

6 - forward 15 seconds

7 - back 2 minutes

8 - go ahead to within 1 minute from the end

9 - forward 2 minutes

It is especially helpful to use to key pad while listening to Groups 1 - 6 so that you don't have to wait for the introduction to each song.

If you have questions or difficulties, call John and Elizabeth Drudge at 519 291 2819 or write to us at R.R.#2 Wroxeter, Ontario, Canada, NOG 2XO

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