Learn About What is in Book-Four

Discover what all is in Book-Four. You will find the stories about these songs, also the title index, if you are trying to find a certain song. We have included some audio samples of our songs. These are recorded by the John Drudge Family, so you will be hearing them sung by the family of composor Elizabeth Drudge.

This book was printed in 1999, and contains 36 original compositions by Elizabeth Drudge.

We are not professional singers by vocation, but we love to sing, and we trust that the message of the songs will have a greater value to you than our level of profession.

May God be Glorified by all that we have done.

Echoes Of Triumph Book #4 Song Stories

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Song Title Index for Echoes Of Triumph Book #4


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Echoes Of Triumph Audio samples

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